Marvel Spotlight on the Moon Knight #28 CGC 9.0 30 cent variant 1st Solo Moon Knight story


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In 1976 Marvel faced increasing production costs and experimented with a 5¢ price increase in a number of test markets in the USA between April and August 1976. The test was obviously a success as it lead to a general increase in price to 30¢ in September that year.

Below are what are thought to be the test market areas, this is not definitive but is based on collector purchases at the time and analysis of distributor marks (which is not 100% reliable):

  • California: San Jose area
  • Maryland: Baltimore area
  • Massachusetts: Possibly Spingfield area
  • Michigan: Grand Rapids area
  • New Mexico: Albuquerque area
  • Texas: San Antonio area
  • Consequently, there were only a limited number of these distributed, far far lower than the number of regularly priced issues.  This led to a special segment of collecting for only this very rare variant of the released issues, and this is a fantastic example.  Not only a variant, but also a special issue, as it is Moon Knights first solo venture.  A very special issue to be sure, and one that is highly sought by elite collectors.  The offered example has white pages and excellent centering, as well as perfect color and gloss.
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